I have Anxiety: My Mental Health Journey

NM hike

Re-posting with some edits after it got lost in our website host server transfer – originally posted October 26, 2018.

As last week (or maybe the week before… “What week is it?” is one of the games Reid and I like to play now that we’re on this vagabond adventure) was National Mental Health Day, I thought I would share something I’ve been trying to figure out how to best post about on my blog and have been procrastinating hitting publish on – which is – how I’ve recently begun therapy for anxiety.…

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Work-out Wednesday: Walking & Yoga

yoga mat

Last night, I went over to Mom’s to have Pizzeria Testa and wine together. We started talking about my post from Monday, and all of my exploration with goal-setting and habit-forming lately.

We started discussing how I have struggled with questioning if I truly want writing as my “thing” because of the fact of how I’ve procrastinated writing so much in the past.…

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Three years ago today, I went skiing for the first and last time


This picture showed up in my Facebook memories this morning, so I thought I’d tell the story of my one and only time skiing, plus my takeaways or life lessons from this experience. Can’t you just see the fear in my face?? Eeek.

Setting the Stage, er, Slope

It was March 2016 and Reid and I had some friends visiting us in California who we wanted to go to Big Bear Mountain with.…

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Here’s My Story Morning Glory: Birth Control and Birthdays

ozobot going away

I woke up on Wednesday with this on my mind, have been writing it since, and figured I’d share since at least the first half may be useful anecdotal experience to help someone decide what to do in their own safe sex and/or family planning journey.

If this may be TMI, so what who cares, I think people should talk about this stuff more and I’m an oversharer and open book in everyday life anyway, so here goes.…

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#ThrowbackThursday: “I could’ve been TSwift” Edition

songwriting journal

Just a little announcement here to start, y’all – I finally have more published blogs in my WordPress post manager than I have drafts!! This is a momentous occasion!

Anyways, allow me to introduce a new series to my blog… #ThrowbackThursdays, in which I’ll share some selection of my previous writing samples, either from early diaries, school papers, or old notes on my iPhone.…

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Double Feature

Tonight, Reid asked if I wanted to watch This is Us, which of course I did because it’s our favorite “on live TV now” show to watch together, and then we realized not only did we have last Tuesday’s show to watch, but it was also on tonight and recording on his parents’ DVR. So, I asked if he wanted to have a double feature, to which he said maybe, because it’s been a long time since he played Rocket League (Xbox), and we only ended up watching the one episode from last week, but, in that episode, they actually said the phrase “double feature” (talking about two graduations).…

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