Three years ago today, I went skiing for the first and last time


This picture showed up in my Facebook memories this morning, so I thought I’d tell the story of my one and only time skiing, plus my takeaways or life lessons from this experience. Can’t you just see the fear in my face?? Eeek.

Setting the Stage, er, Slope

It was March 2016 and Reid and I had some friends visiting us in California who we wanted to go to Big Bear Mountain with.…

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You could just call me a Tumbleweed, blowin’ in the wind…

I have wanted to have a blog since probably high school. Ever since I first learned what blogging was, I thought, “Hey, that could be something I would enjoy!” I’ve always loved writing, from the free-writing time we used to get a block of in elementary school, to typing out the longest novel of a text you’d ever want to read, to trying to add some engaging voice to work emails.…

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RV Tips and Tidbits We’ve Learned through MUCH Trial and Error

There are plenty of people who decide they want to become full-time RVers and then spend a year researching and preparing to make sure they are well-equipped to handle life on the road.  Not Reid and me.

Nope, we brought up the idea in casual conversation in January, took our first trip ever in an RV for my birthday weekend in March, bought an RV April 29th then got on the road first week of June.…

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“Good ‘Nuff” & Why I’m emPATHETIC

Real talk y’all – I have spent much too much of my life feeling “not good enough”.

In elementary school, I wasn’t coordinated enough to enjoy P.E. (and was always picked last in any schoolyard-style draft), and wasn’t outgoing enough after my best friend went away. I didn’t stick up for myself enough.

In high school, it was that I wasn’t popular enough, or good enough at doing my makeup, or fashionable enough.…

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This little blog of mine

[originally posted to a blog I was trying out when I was going back and forth about if I wanted to do wordpress or tumblr and what I wanted my name to be, from May 30th, 2018]

I wanted to take a quick break from the absolutely insanely crazy week I’ve been having to make the time to start my blog, and document a sweet moment I experienced last night.…

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