On Wednesdays, we dye our hair pink… Duh.

Ahem. It is now 10:34 pm on the Wednesday immediately after I promised myself and the world wide web that I would post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and quite frankly, I’ll be damned if I let myself break another freakin’ promise so soon. So, this may be a thrown-together and haphazard post, but it will be published before Wednesday is over, by golly!

For awhile now, I’ve been feeling like my hair needed some help. The last time I had it professionally dyed was a year ago in February 2018, with a lot of blonde highlights concentrated on the top half of my head, and I loved it, but it’s so expensive to maintain. Then we moved into the RV, and I liked it less and less as my roots grew out, so decided to dye it myself, with box dye, in the RV (which is another story in itself, for another day). Then, the box dye began growing out, so my hair had in essence three colors and three different tones to it: the professional dye from below my ears to the ends, the box dye from my ears up a couple inches, and then a couple inches of my natural roots.

Basically, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try something crazy, seeing as I’m not really messing up a picture perfect canvas, ja feel?

The Inspiration

I have always loved unicorns (and My Little Pony too). Why not try to recreate the whimsy of a magical color combo on my head? I had used Manic Panic (a semi-permanent dye that lasts 4-6 weeks) to dye my tips purple before, so I took to Mr. Google and found the below picture to try and emulate. I knew I wouldn’t get this exact look, as she had probably all-over bleached her hair before applying this color, but Manic Panic has colors meant to go on over darker natural hair, so I figured I’d do their “Hot Hot Pink” on my roots and box-dyed hair, then their “Cotton Candy Pink” over my professionally lightened hair.

The Process

Enter, Reid’s Ratchet Salon! I told him, instead of paint-by-numbers, it’s paint-by-color. Easy-peesy, right?

You can probably make it more official of an application than we did, but pretty much he gloved up, painted it onto my freshly washed hair from showering the night before, I let it sit for over an hour, then rinsed just with cool water until the water ran clear in the tub and let dry. Then you wait to shampoo again for as long as possible to let the color set and last the maximum amount. Here’s a pic while it was percolating!

The Before and Afters

Please excuse my extremely sleepy expression, we woke up to do this early in the morning, and Reid lovingly ran to Walgreens to buy me behind-the-counter Sudafed as I’ve been battling some start-of-spring allergies.


Then, the morning after the transformation was complete, this is the quote from the Calm daily meditation. Coincidence? I like to think not. I like to think that I’m rewriting my story right now, publishing a post instead of allowing myself to not follow through on promises as has been my pattern.

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  1. I love this blog post! It’s delivering on the promise of posting on Wednesdays, it’s real and fun and tells and story and reveals a bit about the characters (Reid as a hair colorist!), and it includes a marvelous motivational quote!

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